Jumbo Pass

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On a random tuesday morning I  sauntered down main street, fresh brew in hand, enjoying the familiar sights of the hometown which I hadn’t seen in quite some time.  It was my first day back at the homestead after being on the road and I was looking forward to sleeping in my own bed for a night or two.  That is until I crossed paths with friend, local ski tech, and mountain guru Mike Jones.  “Headed up Jumbo Pass in about and hour, you in?”  … Sipping my coffee, I thought for a moment.  Enjoy a day at home, soak in a little familiar, or scrap it and head for the hills…




Bikes bounced in the bed of the truck as I followed the dust of Mike’s truck 50km into the backwoods of the Purcell Mountains.  It’s pretty wild how many incredible locations the Kootenay’s has to offer, and how few of them I have actually seen.  On the approach a new goal was firmly cemented, spend more time exploring the backyard.



A few hours of hike-a-bike and we were standing on an alpine saddle with the towering peak of Jumbo to the east and cascading glaciers to the west.  This is why you never say “no” to a new experience.  A chill day at home or one hell of a day in the mountains, it’s never really a contest.



Coast Gravity Park

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I just arrived home from a week of riding with good friends, while exploiting the finer points of their latest venture… Coast Gravity Park.  The Sunshine Coast in itself is a hell of a place.  In forests leaking coastal green, we all do our best to write our own book of rad.  Post park pier beers and cabin life living are daily routine.  Dylan, Curtis, and Kyle (aka The Boys) have a rare ability to show people an amazing experience.









From a bench-seat bolted to the bed of a pick-up you realize this is mountain biking.   Authenticity at it’s finest. Dusty shuttles, friends, amazing trails… the Coast Gravity Park is unreal.




Crankworx and Whip-Off Worlds

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Every year Crankworx’s sets a new bar, and this year has been no different.  The highlight so far has to be Whip-off World Champs.  Thousands of properly amped Spectators losing there minds, was all the motivation the boys and I needed to get real sideways.  This year 14 year old Finn Iles showed all of us what the future holds.  Taking the win and a few pages out of the moto book, Finn showed athleticism beyond his years.  The atmosphere of this event is unparalleled.  Limited rules and a wound up concoction of athletes and fans makes it the rowdy staple of the show.  Loved every minute of it!


Bluff Trail

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Green Carpet and Amazing Trail, not much more to say.

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The Road : The Vatican

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