Back Home to Loam

Published on July 17, 2012,

Well Whistler was insanely short.  18 hours of driving for one lap of shooting on Garbonzo.  I mean we did get to test the new Norco Range 650B which was a serious eye-opener.  There are few times where I have actually ridden a new concept/technology and been able to feel the difference immediately.  For our one lap of the day I followed teammate and DH wizard Nick Geddes off the top sporting, half lids, no pads, and bike’s we’ve never ridden.  Riding a bike park in the small helmet feels all sorts of wrong, but we opened it up in a few sections, and no joke this whole 650B concept is sticking around.  The extra wheel diameter dampens the bigger holes, the larger traction patch of the wheel  is definitely noticeable especially under braking, and it feels like a 26″ in the corners…  It’s sick!   This is my version of a teck savy post and I really only do one of these every couple of years, so this is my way of saying I am seriously impressed with what Norco has done with the new bike.  I’m interested to see if we can squeeze it into a DH chassis because I think there could be something there… but we’ll see.


Alright so that was my one day in Whistler, and then the plan was to make my way to  Tyax air-strip,  jump in a plane, and do a fly over scout mission of the Bralorne with the Sherpas.  But as the cookie crumbled, weather moved in and put the kibosh on the plans.  We were then scheduled to head to Lilloett and get our beaks wet in the land of big lines, but we also got hosed with a nasty forecast moving in there for the week.  So with mother nature not working for us on the road, I headed to where the clouds would be welcome… home.   I have a few sections here that have been marinating in sun waiting for clouds and this is the week to polish them for the silver screen.  The crew rolls in today and we should be pulling the trigger before the sunsets.  “Loam Factory” will be in full production mode for the next few days.  So stoked to finally shoot this stuff.  I will keep you folks posted. Oh and  for the record, no-one should ever drive 18 hours for one lap of riding/shooting… write that down.  Bogus indeed ha.