Backcountry Packing

Published on April 25, 2015,


Since arriving in New Zealand I have spent the majority of my days rolling the open road finding excursions that fall under the category of “less traveled”.  As many of you may have experienced, life on the move only has one consistency… the “?”.  Where are we going? What are we doing? How did you get down there?  What have I gotten us into? Why are elephants so wise? … you know, the real questions of everyday life.  My goal for this third venture to the Southern Hemisphere was simple, explore the tracks deep in the Jungle.  Dive into fern gully and don’t look back.  Multi-day rides, huts, campfires, trails clinging to cliffs and others that disappear through gateway of green.  On these voyages everything you need is carried on your back.  Food, tools, sleeping gear, layers… you are your own pack horse.  Here is a little insight to what I take bring for a day on the trail and night in the bush.


Pack List:

Essentials not shown:

Leatherman Multi-tool (must have)

Packable First Aid Kit

Chain Pins

Canon 60D (photo workhorse)


Bag – Camelback Fourteener: 24L Volume Storage / 3L Hydration

Helmet – Smith Forefront

Jersey – Mons Royale: Merino Wool, Sweat Wicking, Fast Drying, Odorless

Long Sleeve Shirt – Mons Royale: Merino Wool, Sweat Wicking, Fast Drying, Odorless

Riding Shorts

Knee Protection – IXS: Keeps the knees protected while riding and shooting photos.

Socks – Dissent Labs Compression Socks

Shoes – 510 Impact Vxi Stealth: Ideal for traction on slippery wood/bridges, Rock, and Pedals.

Glasses: Smith Pivlock Arena




Handlebar Light (removable)

Mountain Money A.K.A. Tissues: For when nature calls.

Lightweight Sleeping Bag

Waterproof Jacket



Clif Bar Shots/Blocks: “Bonk” Protection


Trail Mix

High Carb/Energy Dinner

Spork: Best of Both Worlds

Granola: I usually put it in a water bottle, easy to carry, add hot water and there’s breakfast


Chain Lube