Be A Game Changer

Published on June 6, 2016,




Well it rained, and when it rains in Dignes Les Bains you’re playground turns to a plenty of puddy.  After fruitless attempts to ride we headed for the hotel marking the end of my tour.  With a flight for London set to jet first thing in the morning it was time to scramble.  With 8+ hours of road ahead of us Hoshi (SR’s Marketing Manager) and I packed the car, and began our lengthy trek from Southern France to Fribourgh Germany.  Through farmland, canyons, and onto the German super highways at 230 km/h.  We made it to the Hotel at 4:30AM.  3.5 hrs later we were back in the car headed to the Whyex Studio to throw bikes in boxes.  This marking sub-4hr sleep number 1.

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By 11 I was sitting in the French quarter of the Basel Airport, which has to one of the only airports with an actual border running through it.  Within a ten meter spread, you can buy a french pasty before waltzing into Swiss territory and purchasing a coffee at double the acceptable price.  Currency and coffee aside, I was groggy mess of a human.  The next thing I knew I was nodding my way to London.


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“The awards start at seven, don’t be late.”  There I stood, staring at the physical definition of commotion… The London Tube at rush hour.  This place is fascinating!  The underbelly of commerce is a sight to be seen!  So many people, so many different agendas.  Suits, runners, doddelers, sweaters, grumpy, smiling, confused, and one particular wide eyed Canadian struck dumb with the overwhelming task of navigating this junkshow.  What a time to be Alive! haha

Time: 18:12

Ticket in hand I filed onto the launchpad of the Liverpool Station bound for Bank.  Commence Urban Safari!

Time: 18:25

Hustle further underground through Bank’s tiled tunnels to platforms headed for Waterloo.  Starting to get the feel of this tube business.  Load train.  Crammed.  So many suits. Someone farted.  Still awesome!

Time: 18:40

Outside Waterloo Station.  Need to find Rambert Dance Company.

Time: 18:44

Ask Cabby for directions..

Time: 18:48


Time: 18:49

Head back to Station. Time’s ticking. Running!

Time: 18:51

Ask reception at some SouthBank Art academy. Good Intel. Running Faster!

Time: 18:56

Target aquired. Salvation!

Time: 18:59

In Coat Room. Waredrobe change. Sweating.

Time: 19:03

Enter the Woman Sports Trust Be A Game Changer Awards Ceremony

Time: 19:04

Trying not to sweat through my shirt I slipped into my seat next to my beautiful and unbelievably amazing girlfriend Traharn, steal a kiss, and settle in for a night of celebrating inspirational women from across the Globe.  South of France to London.  3 hours sleep. Made it!

160512_MJH_untitled shoot_0002

The Woman’s Sport Trust is a leading UK charity focused on raising the visibility and increasing the impact of the women’s sport through the promotion of roll models, increased media coverage, and improved funding.  The #BeAGameChanger Awards is WST’s opportunity to recognize the individuals and organizations doing the most to progress women’s sport. There Traharn and I were in a star studded audience of olympians, movie stars, journalists, business folk, politicians, and activists on London’s South Bank drinking red wine and awaiting the nights final award…  “Imagery of the Year” for which Traharn’s film “I Am Endurance” has be nominated.

160512_MJH_untitled shoot_0004

Earlier this year, Traharn worked closely with her sponsor SealSkinz to bring light to a dark chapter in her life.  The result, is a film that defines “Courage” and shows how sport can change ones path.  While her film played before the entranced audience I have never felt more proud of anyone in my life!   There we sat hand in hand as the room erupted in a standing ovation.  It was surreal!

To the vocal dismay of myself and the audience the award went to an absent ADIDAS with Traharn in the runner up position.  But what happened next reminded us all that awards don’t make the winner.  Traharn had told her story, touched the hearts of us all, and lit the wick to a social media firestorm that went (in the most polite terms possible) “rather unfavourably” for ADIDAS.  She is a true inspiration!

160512_MJH_untitled shoot_0006

160512_MJH_untitled shoot_0017

The evening then escalated, as she was called on stage for the evenings final Q&A, promptly followed by cameras, interviews, the whole nine yards.  It was an awesome sight. Post show we snagged a beer with Iain and Wendy who worked behind the scenes to make her film happen.  Then it was back to the Hotel for all of 3 hrs of sleep (this is becoming a trend) before snagging a taxi to airport.  Keeping it Pinned!  More to come from the land of Guinness… Ireland!