Cabin Life

Published on January 6, 2015,

Red Mountain has been my winter stomping grounds since I was a kid, no actually before that, before that.  The mountain was my glorified baby-sitter as a kid.  Seven years old, dropped at 8, picked up at 3… post diaper freedom at it’s finest.  Weather has been bogus for the better part of a week so I figured I start a project.  If RED has one thing, it’s character.  The next two questions… How do you show it? and Where do you start? I settled on the bottom up approach.  Begin with the roots and work upward.  Before RED was slangin passes and turning lifts, its framework was built on relics of the backwoods… Cabins.




Built in 1944, this place is strewn with prayer flags, aging black and white photos, a kitchen of cast-iron, custom platted wood-stoves, and Wake, the cabin’s 65 year old storyteller (main resident).  I have run into Wake on numerous pre-season tours, and on a few occasions I have been invited in for a cup of tea.  Wake calls the Yodel home 4-5 days a week, tours during the day, and hangs out with his roommate during the evenings.  Who’s the Roommate? A 15 year old pooch who’s laid more fresh tracks than most locals.  If you find yourself skiing past the cabin give them a wave, and if invited in for tea, be sure to ask about Wake’s Himalayan Adventures.  The guy represents what character is.