Cover Boy!

Published on April 29, 2012,

This month’s Dirt Magazine Cover features the man of contagious laughter… Kyle Norbraten.  Nic Teichrob captured this image in Fernie last year while Kyle and I were shooting for The Coastal Crews film “From the Inside Out”.  The shot is unreal, but the one thing it doesn’t show is the surrly swagger of a jump that  had the appeal of a slaty pirate glued to a rum bottle.  Originally this lofty monster was supposed to be a hip but after jumping hurdles of bedrock we ended up with something that resembled a glorified quarter-pipe.  Other than a second hit that nearly sent me for a meet and greet with Davey Jones himself, it was a nothing but good times on the mountain top.  You might say, we put this jumps sails to the wind and cruised through the sea of shutters… or not.  Anyway banter aside, Fernie was beauty and DIRT put together a killer article based around the boys movie, so I would chalk it up as a win on all levels.  I managed to snag a few images (Stoked!)  but nothing can touch Norb’s reaction…


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