Deep Summer Photo Challenge

Published on August 14, 2015,


Three days, six teams, seven hours of collective sleep, and one goal.  Take down Crankworks’s Annual Photo Event.  Over the course of three days our team beat the rising sun, lit the woods on fire with a smoke machine, made it rain without clouds, spent alpine evenings under the milky way, more or less just worked our tails off for 72 hours.  The fruits of our labour… a handful of new friends, absolutely ridiculous imagery, one truly amazing show, main event disappointment, followed by one hell of a night on the town, and to top it all off, justification via the voice of the people… Viewers Choice victory.  My hat’s off to the entire team, but the real nod goes to the man behind the shutter, the concept, and the pre-planning, Mr. Laurence Crossman-Emms.  Well Played, Well Played indeed.