Diamondback Bikes!

Published on February 12, 2015,

2015 is a year of changes for me.  This coming season I’ll be riding for Diamondback Bikes with the sole goal of getting lost in woodwork around the Globe.  Go in prepared, come out the other side with full body function and fistful of print worthy words.  What do they say? … New experiences in uncomfortable places, make the best memories.  Well, than cheers to Discomfort.  I look forward to the tango.


Alright getting a little off topic here.  Let’s get things back on track.   With change comes decisions, and the one I had to make this year was not an easy one.  The people at Norco have become good friends, and its been an absolutely amazing company to ride for, but in the end I had to made a decision based on creative ambitions and future career path.  When Diamondback presented the opportunity and motivation to turn ideas into reality, I couldn’t say no.  The past few seasons have focused heavily on editorial assignments, which in-turn lead to some incredible experiences, but I felt that I needed to level things off. Balance the program, and substantially increase the number of film projects.  I spent the off-season crafting a small number of projects under the guidelines of Quality over Quantity, Less is More… High quality, focused pieces, that could be universal adaptable.  A little to deep sounding I’m sure but I have never been more motivated.   2015 is about expanding the skill set both off the bike (film, photography, writing…) and on.  Versatility and Creativity are a hell of a combo, and if I can find a way to mould the two together and motivate people, than I’ll be a happy guy.  So here’s to a new partnership and one hell of a Season!


The fine folks at Diamondback took the traditional athlete announcement format and turned it upside-down…