Durolux World Tour 2

Published on May 6, 2016,


Yesterday we laid our last tracks in Chaumont, and what a day it was!   The amply badged “SuperTrack” is basically a Supercross course in the forest.  No tables, just doubles and triples running 100 deep through the woodwork.  You’d normally have to go to a bike park to log as many airmiles as we did yesterday, but in true Swiss fashion we accessed this gem by train.  I can’t put a distance on the jumps but some where probably the biggest I’ve hit on a trail bike.  Fast long and lows right up my alley.  To be honest I haven’t hit back to back jumps like this in a long time and I gotta say it felt Unreal!!!  Huge props to the trail builders!


SR put together a multi-national crew of various backgrounds.  A World Cup racer, a couple of free riders, an enduro racer, and myself who is definitely more of an adventure guru these days.  Roots aside, it’s a winning concoction.  Loamy singletrack and big hits make for happy fellas.  Today we’re setting off on a castle hunt as we head to Les Arcs France.  More to come…