Durolux World Tour 3

Published on May 7, 2016,


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Today was a travel day.  Leaving Chaumont we made our way to France, stopping at Lake Geneva for an introduction to dress codes, a fine lunch of risotto, and a French vs Canadian paddle boat race, naturally.  For the record we lost to the French contingent but it must be noted that the blue, white and red took a few inside liberties ;) . After hitting the castle ridden highway we  landed on the flanks of Les Arcs and stepped into what I can only describe as a rustic mountain side palace, complete with 400 year old timbers, a chicken coup, tree fort, and of course a pump track.  Before turning in for the night we made proper use of the festive grounds.  Tomorrow we hit Les Arcs and from what our young bike ninja Eliott tells us, we’re in for a treat.  I am off to bed, but I’ll have more details tomorrow after we put gears to the ground.  Till then, over and out from a beautiful villa tucked in the French Alps.

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