Durolux World Tour 4

Published on May 9, 2016,

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Les Arcs is unreal!  What a place!  Elliott explained it as a loamy paradise where the lines just appear from the woodwork, and it didn’t disappoint.  Pick your poison, steep and tech, wide-open flow, root and loam… it’s got it all.  I kept thinking to myself what a treat it is to venture places like this with motivated individuals.  Not to mention it’s pretty awesome following these guys down the track.  Each rider has a different way of riding and it’s wild to watch.  The collective energy of the group is super contagious, and I am all for it! I forgot how much fun it is to ride fast!  It’s Awesome!

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Over the past 2 days we’ve wrangling shuttling laps and bagging as much vert as possible.  We’ve also got this whole packing 8 bikes into a small van down to a science.  I have to say one issue with filming with a handful of athletes is keeping everyone entertained.  The first few days of filming ran a little slow at times so we decided to switch up the program… Two riders filming at one time, the rest of the team goes for a lap and when we pass the crew on the next run athletes swap out.  More riding for everyone, and the media had fewer cats to herd, win-win.  We could have spent a months plundering the flanks of this valley alone, but we had to hit the road and at the end of the day I guess it’s good to be left wanting more.  Last night we polished off our weekend in true french fashion… with a little wine and cheese.  I’m not sure where we’re headed next but I’ll let you know when we get there.