Durolux World Tour

Published on May 5, 2016,



Five countries in 24hrs.  Yup true story, Canada, US, England, Switzerland, Germany.  To be honest this is in part to some hasty flight booking and a minor detour upon arrival that left me sitting in Switzerland.  But none the less a very international rotation of the Earth.  The catalyst behind this venture was SR Suntour and the launch of their new enduro fork the “Durolux”.  What a better way to introduce a new product to the masses then rally a handful of multi-cultured talent throw them on a bus together and send them skipping from country to country spinning wheels.  Thus the Durolux World Tour was born.


There’s going to be a several tour stops but let’s focus on the one at hand.

The stats…

5 Professional Athletes: Garett Beuler, Max Gast, Eloitt Lapotre, Benoit Coulanges, and myself

3 Nationalities: French, German, Canadian

4 Country’s: Germany, Switzerland, France, Italy

4 Media Professionals: Whyex Productions

3 Vans

2 Fanicular Trains

7 Castles

2 Lost Canadians

Countless Trails

1 Fork


1 Beauty, but Bacon-less European Tour!






We will be pumping out content everyday but considering I’m 3 days behind, here’s the “quick and dirty” to get you caught up.  Day 1 and 2 were spent riding Canadian built trails in Germany, ate a kabab, and drank german beer at two brewery’s.  Day 3 it was off to Swiss lake country, Nue-Chatelle.  Took a fanicular train to trails of lofty doubles and coincidentally one extremely taco’d wheel.  You’re up to speed.  Till tomorrow.