Farm Jam

Published on April 7, 2014,


I have been on the Road through New Zealand’s North Island for the past 3 weeks, and needless I am little off with the posting.  This is a little late but figured I had to get things rollin…


Farm Jam is a riders competition.  No pressure, no stress, just a day of throwing down with your buddies.  Formant simplicity at its finest.  The Frew brothers once again put together one hell of a show.  It was all teeth across the board.  Anthony Napo made a mental mess of bike and body, Matt Jones put physics to the test with some lofty flat 3’s and double backs, the peoples champions Mike “Hucker” and Kelly McGarry having a time, and Levi Sherwood holding nothing back on the FMX track… and cap it all off with a match being put to a small forest, DJ spinning tunes, and a bowl of hot stew courtesy of the Frew ladies at the infamous Camp “Runamuck”.  A Beauty Weekend all around.