Published on September 17, 2012,

Last week I got a call from Nic Genovese about coming out to Fernie to shoot a web video.  Fernie housing one of the best bike parks in BC, packed with natural features, legitimate single track, not to mention it’s fair share of loamy corners, stands alone in my eyes.  It’s a place that steps outside the stereotypical bike park tracks packed to the unforgiving consistency of cement.  I always try to make atleast one trip a year to this rocky mountain shire, and it never disappoints. Hanging with the likes of Paul Genovese, Luke Stevens, Aussy and Nic was a nothing short of entertainment.  Nic was firing on all cylinders, cable cams, Chest mounts, sliders… getting the job done in fine fashion.  The video should be all-time, but right now I am out.  Back to the saddle, Rampage training awaits.