Gravity Shoot

Published on June 12, 2012,

So apparently it’s been a week since I last touch base with this blog… not good.  If it makes any difference it’s been a busy week. Things started with a gumboot clad surgeon fitting my girlfriend’s knee with a new ACL, so I spent a few days at home making sure she was comfortable before gearing up for a shoot I put together for Gravity.

At the beginning of the season while the snow lingered I spent a bit of time building a few features alongside the Columbia River.  Usually this zone is a glorified sandbox, but considering we haven’t seen the sun for 2 weeks the dirt was mint.  My buddy Dave Peacock came to town towing heaps of camera gear and we went to work.  To say the weather was not working in our favor is a massive understatement.  You might say things were wet, actually not just wet, soaked, saturated, drenched, hell we went toe to toe with monsoon season.  Either way we became pretty well acquainted with our soggy compadres from the sky and began to enjoy ourselves.  It actually rained so much that some of the bigger lines that we had planned to shoot, looked on the verge of calving. So using our often elusive better judgement we decided it best to steer clear.  On the upside, those lines aren’t going anywhere and it will leave the window open for another shoot.  On a whole the week was awesome.  I mean we spent the majority of it pruning in our gear but it made for good shooting so no complaints.  Booters, Berms, and some mighty fine ditch work put mass amounts of entertainment into a few rainy days. Dave, played the one man media card and flopped between photog and filmer.  For a two man team I think we killed it, and I pumped to see it come together.



Right now though it’s 6PM, I just finished packing my gear after shooting all day and I now have the luxury of a 9 hour drive to Whistler infront of me, so it’s time to make some moves.  What am I going for?  Well Shimano is launching their new SAINT product (which is SICK!) and I making the trek to go shred hot laps in the bike park with journalists…work is tough sometimes ha. So pumped!  Raodtrip on, and I’m out.