Gravity Video “Monsoon Season”

Published on June 27, 2012,

It’s Mid-June and if you are a fortunate resident of the fine province of British Columbia, you will know it’s been a fort night or two, since we last saw the sun.  Words to describe the past month would line up something like this… Rainy, pounded, poured, soaked, saturated, soggy, pruned, pickled, to put it bluntly wet became an understatement two weeks ago.  “Spring 2012″ has officially been retitled “Monsoon Season”.  But like most weather woes, one hits a point where he accepts the soak, spins wheels, splits puddles, and has smashing good time.  I teamed up with Gravity and my buddy Dave Peacock set out to have some fun in natures sweat lodge. Four days, two days of digging, two days of filming, and one hell of a good time amidst a sky full of soggy assailants.  Boom! Monsoon Season ain’t so bad. Love the Soak.