Imagination Station – Darkness Continued

Published on September 27, 2013,

The past few weeks I have been running all over BC in preparations for a few meetings I had lined up at this years Interbike show.  You may have seen a few #ImaginationStation floating tags floating about and it’s all been based around a project I have had in the works, well since June.  It has definitely been a labour of love.  Something that I convinced myself of taking 2 weeks took no less than 5.  I got my first taste of climbing with tree-spurs, selling the fact that those flannel draped monkey’s you see in “logger sports” are lunatics! What would take them a mere few seconds was a solid 20 minute adventure outside of comfort zone for this guy.  Granted carrying cables, drills, saws, amoung other sharp objects doesn’t exactly inspire confidence.  It quickly became knowledge that there was only one tool in the tree.  But after weeks of cutting limbs, pounding dirt, and correcting miscalculations, it all came together.  The original plan was to have this project filmed and wrapped into a tight proposal for Crankworks, but cloudy skies and even light are about as rare as a camel at a craps table come mid summer.  We kept pushing the shoot, waiting on weather, until the week before Interbike.  With a project of this nature people have to see it to really understand it.  So with weather working against us, I called in a few favors, and got the boys together to help  work a few sun-spots.  Frankowski, Gibb, Carlson, Bruno Long, and Liam Mullany grabbed a handful of “Epic” and I put this crazy napkin idea of mine in motion.  In the end it all out.  Proposal in hand and teaser cut, I headed to the show to get an outsiders perspective.  It’s hard to deliver unique content in a market as saturated as ours, but given the reactions of marketing managers, I’d say it did the trick.  Once again this is all super vague, but until I get this things locked down with the proper representation (which will be real soon) and re-shot, I have to keep you guys in the dark.  It’ll be worth the wait.

Liam, Bruno Long, Traharn, and I rolled from the Imagination Station shoot right into a project Liam had in the works and that one is set to be your desktop any day now. Along with a few other things Dave Peacock and the boys at have set to release.  Right now though it’s all about gearing up for Rampage and life in the Desert.

Photos all courtesy of Traharn Chidley’s eye behind the lense.  Not too shabby for her first day on the Camera.