Published on July 12, 2012,

Alright so I will give it to you straight… it’s finally summer.  Usually at this point in the season I would be all for the endless days of sunshine, but at the moment I ain’t diggin it.  Here we go, you guys get to be my venting audience for the next few lines… So I put in a ton of work in this Spring prepping a handful of trails that we had scheduled to hose down with the old motion picture movie maker, but when it came time to put motion to the movie wheels we got skunked.  Snookered by whomever decided it was time to flip the summer switch.  All these pristine lines of loam are sitting marinating in cinematic leperacy… Sunspots, hotspots, highlights, shadow gardens call them what you will, but the forest is no place to be shooting on a sunny day.  With highlights plaguing our plans, we kicked back and did the only logical thing we could, put down the cameras and went riding.  After a day of trying to “zen” clouds into position we were forced to work the caffinated rooster and graveyard shifts.  Lemons into Lemonade right? Right.  Nic (Teichrob) www.nicolasteichrob.com being a season vet isn’t phased by much, so we made the call.  Our new hours of operation looked something like this Sunrises, Sunsets, hike, build, bike, dodge mosquitos, drink coffee, repeat.  It’s not the easiest shooting we’ve ever done but in the end we killed it.  We were both pretty stoked that our late night and early morning prospecting produced a small sachel of photogenic gold. The shots are pretty all-time so we were both pretty pumped that the weekly prospect turned into a   It’s a bummer we didn’t get the chance to hit any of the new features but that just means there’s a ton of potential waiting for a rainy day.  Alright I finished ranting.  The next post will make up for the past few moments of your life that you will never get back.  But if makes any difference I am definitely feeling “way mo betta”.  Heading to Whistler Saturday to hang with the Norco fellas and give the new Range 650B a go.  Should be sweet.  Road trip on!