Long Hikes to Big Lines

Published on June 28, 2012,


Well the sun actually showed up today, so I called my camera save’ buddy Markus and headed out.  There is one zone in particular that I have been chomping at the bit to hit, but like most first dates you sometimes have to deal with factors like the deranged overprotective father, filling that position, the weather.  But with the sun out it was go time.  The target… a massive river washout chutes and flutes a 1000 ft  to the valley.  The rain has been non-stop lately so we were hoping our 45min romp in my truck wasn’t going to end in a proper skunking.  It actually almost did, as the access road had been swallowed by the neighboring river.  This just meant we had to get a little creative with our approach, and in true “Frontier” fashion we wrangled our way right to the doorstep of the zone.

At first glance it was obvious the rain had not only gone toe to toe with the road, but it had also carved some pretty substantial trenches in the face.  Of the six lines we came to shoot only two survived a drainage death.  Even the two survivors had a been dealt a good amount of damage but from what I could see it looked pretty manageable.   Needless to say this made things a little more dicy, but it’s like they say, “If your not scared it’s not going to be any fun.”  The face itself is super steep, and with the rain cratered bonus features, it definitely made for an interesting guinea pig.  I was pretty nervous on the first run but once I got the pig off my back we were able to play around with things.  We had a killer session but by the fifth lap the sun had faded and so had my energy.  I was hoping to post a handful of shots, but Gravity picked a couple up for a new Ad, so no dice.  But here’s a little filler and keep and eye out for the Ad.


Next up a few days of shredding and then a week of shooting with Nic Teichrob and Dave Peacock, Stoked!