Moments: Cruisin

Published on November 1, 2015,

Skip the emotional monologue and let’s get down to business.  What makes biking awesome?   “That” turn, your favourite trail, the inner ninja that pulled unexplainable… The list is long.  This my friends is “MOMENTS”.  A series tipping it’s hat to the fleeting experiences that prompt a “This Is Awesome!” brain badgering.  From alien adventures to flying through the forest, this series aims to capture the simple things that put a big o’l smile on your face.  Short and sweet.


Definition:  The moment you lock into that piece of trail, the one you’ve ridden a hundred times, your highway to superhero status.  Just you, your bike, and a blur of green.  A tribute to the cape-less crusader in all of us.


Film: Scott Secco

Photo: Paris Gore