New Zealand

Published on March 13, 2014,

After the long hiatis I need to start flushing out some of the images I’ve amassed in New Zealand over the past month.  Another 3 months in Southern Hemisphere and the plan hasn’t changed… See as much as possible, never say “no” to a roadtrip, if it sounds dodgy, do it anyway, get good and lost on a weekly basis, ride my bike, shoot photos… more or less just live it.  I’ve got some catching up to do so I’ll be posting images every few days.  Some will have an adventure go along with it, and others will just be solo images I am stoked on.  Either way I will try and keep the content rolling.  If you guys have any suggestions for getting lost, having a good time, or thoughts on the page, leave a comment or shoot me a message.


Alright to kick things off I thought I should mix it up, while keeping the story factor to minimum.  So in contrast, here’s something to set the NZ scene and on the opposite end, a pre Farm Jam session at Gorge Road Dirt Jumps.  The Remarkables, the ominous range that towers over Queenstown is in any books impressive.   After looking at those mountains everyday  I hit my breaking point and went for a climb.  Granted it turned out to be less of a climb and more of a hike.  The Mountain has a split personality, the lamb and the lion.  I chose route of the lamb as my climbing skills, much like my equipment, are non-existent.  But now having seen the exposed face of the “lion”, the plan is to go back with gear, because it looks like a good way to scare your way through a day.

Before making the pilgrimage to the Farm Jam the masses head to Gorge Road.  Potentially the most manicured set of publicly owed dirt jumps in the world.  I haven’t had much practice shooting action, mainly because I am the one infront of the lens but it was pretty cool to hunt around for an angle while the boys threw down.  Toss in a little black and white and I was digging it.