North Face Poster

Published on October 31, 2012,

How does one keep himself entertained during these foggy saturated snow plagued months of the year?  Well one way to medicate this weather pain train is to receive a satchel full of  freshly minted poster from the ladies and gents at The North Face.  This is one of Blake Jorgensen’s shots from the Bralorne trip we did in August. So Stoked on this.

If you guys have any suggestions to pass the hours, minutes, seconds, shoot’em my way.  Vacation ideas? (anywhere except Hawaii).  Don’t get me wrong I have been putting time into working with the sponsors, but its the freetime that’s the issue.  So far I have resorted to working out, building mini-moto tracks, watching movies while balancing on exercise balls, a little partying, and today I decided to put some serious time into learning French.  You could say I am starting to loose my marbles.  Ideas?