A taste of Retallack

Published on September 27, 2012, by in News.

Here’s a killer video Scott Secco cut together with a handful of us two-wheeled characters while we hit the trails at Retallack Lodge.  Not too shabby Mr.Secco, all that porridge is paying off is paying off buddy.

Mining for Nugs from Scott Secco on Vimeo.


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Interbike, the place where dreams are made and hearts are broken.  Every year the bike industry culminates on the festive grounds that is Las Vegas.  I had a killer show hanging with sponsors, hitting up the “Where The Trail Ends” Premiere, loosing our minds on the rides 900 feet off the strip… just an all around good time.  As always it was smashing, and 2013 is looking top notch so this kid is AMPED!  Here’s a funny couple vids from our friends at North Shore Mountain Biking… these guys know how to make the most of a few days on the strip.

Question of the Day #3 – [Interbike 2012] from nsmb.com on Vimeo.

Canucks and Bike Logging

Published on September 18, 2012, by in News.

Well here’s to gearing up for Interbike and Rampage which I leave for in just under 2 hours.  But before I go, I’ll shed some insider knowledge on my last couple days.  Things started rolling when I had a chance to link up with Margus Riga for another one of our single day shot scrambles.  And not to sound surprised but being good Canadian boys that know how to put their heads to the grindstone (not too sure how that saying goes).  We managed to pull together one of the coolest images I’ve had all year.  For the past few seasons I have been looking for the proper set-up  to air into a stump, breaking it in half, and in an ideal world,  land safely on the other side.  Some how the stars (and stumps) alined on Friday we made it happen.  The day bore a handful of quality images but nothing came close that first timber topple. 35 foot long and not so low, back tire cruising right through the center of termites Bob’s Birch Brothel… Nothing quite like it.  Oh and best of all I avoided becoming a Dirt Squirrel, landing rubber side down, Bonus!  It’s been a while since I have looked at an image that got me proper excited. Making the most of one day indeed.

And that bring us to Yesterday… where I had the interesting and rare opportunity to saddle up with me buddy Derek Frankowski to work on a marketing concept piece for the Vancouver Canucks.  There are big plans for the work we put in, but until I see them lit up, pre-game, on the JumboTron I’m not saying anything.  It was the first time since wrapping up Life Cycles that Derek and I have shot biking, so it was awesome.  We spent the day working small pockets on the trail “Power Slave” in Nelson.  First things first, the forest above Nelson are insane.  I spent the day mingling with Giants.  The trees are enormous!  I could dabble more on the shoot but I gotta get on the road to Vegas.  Interbike and Rampage is on the doorstep so it’s go time!



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Last week I got a call from Nic Genovese about coming out to Fernie to shoot a web video.  Fernie housing one of the best bike parks in BC, packed with natural features, legitimate single track, not to mention it’s fair share of loamy corners, stands alone in my eyes.  It’s a place that steps outside the stereotypical bike park tracks packed to the unforgiving consistency of cement.  I always try to make atleast one trip a year to this rocky mountain shire, and it never disappoints. Hanging with the likes of Paul Genovese, Luke Stevens, Aussy and Nic was a nothing short of entertainment.  Nic was firing on all cylinders, cable cams, Chest mounts, sliders… getting the job done in fine fashion.  The video should be all-time, but right now I am out.  Back to the saddle, Rampage training awaits.



Loam Factory

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Well I am definitely a little late on this one, as it’s already been passed around to everyone and their brother, but Daaang did it turn out good! Really Stoked on how all this came together, and Dave and Liam are showing their skills behind the lens.  A behind the scenes clip should be coming out a little later this week.

Loam Factory from Absolute Zero on Vimeo.