Long Hikes to Big Lines

Published on June 28, 2012, by in News.


Well the sun actually showed up today, so I called my camera save’ buddy Markus and headed out.  There is one zone in particular that I have been chomping at the bit to hit, but like most first dates you sometimes have to deal with factors like the deranged overprotective father, filling that position, the weather.  But with the sun out it was go time.  The target… a massive river washout chutes and flutes a 1000 ft  to the valley.  The rain has been non-stop lately so we were hoping our 45min romp in my truck wasn’t going to end in a proper skunking.  It actually almost did, as the access road had been swallowed by the neighboring river.  This just meant we had to get a little creative with our approach, and in true “Frontier” fashion we wrangled our way right to the doorstep of the zone.

At first glance it was obvious the rain had not only gone toe to toe with the road, but it had also carved some pretty substantial trenches in the face.  Of the six lines we came to shoot only two survived a drainage death.  Even the two survivors had a been dealt a good amount of damage but from what I could see it looked pretty manageable.   Needless to say this made things a little more dicy, but it’s like they say, “If your not scared it’s not going to be any fun.”  The face itself is super steep, and with the rain cratered bonus features, it definitely made for an interesting guinea pig.  I was pretty nervous on the first run but once I got the pig off my back we were able to play around with things.  We had a killer session but by the fifth lap the sun had faded and so had my energy.  I was hoping to post a handful of shots, but Gravity picked a couple up for a new Ad, so no dice.  But here’s a little filler and keep and eye out for the Ad.


Next up a few days of shredding and then a week of shooting with Nic Teichrob and Dave Peacock, Stoked!


Gravity Video “Monsoon Season”

Published on June 27, 2012, by in News.

It’s Mid-June and if you are a fortunate resident of the fine province of British Columbia, you will know it’s been a fort night or two, since we last saw the sun.  Words to describe the past month would line up something like this… Rainy, pounded, poured, soaked, saturated, soggy, pruned, pickled, to put it bluntly wet became an understatement two weeks ago.  “Spring 2012″ has officially been retitled “Monsoon Season”.  But like most weather woes, one hits a point where he accepts the soak, spins wheels, splits puddles, and has smashing good time.  I teamed up with Gravity and my buddy Dave Peacock set out to have some fun in natures sweat lodge. Four days, two days of digging, two days of filming, and one hell of a good time amidst a sky full of soggy assailants.  Boom! Monsoon Season ain’t so bad. Love the Soak.


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For the past week we have been shacked up living the plush life at the Westin Hotel.  Shimano brought in an air bus of journalists from every hemisphere so they might tangle with the Chuck Norris of modern day bike components.  We spent the week marinating on drenched trails, but oh buddy, it was smashing good time.  No matter how bad the weather is in Whistler, it’s hard not to be pumped.  Food, presentations, hot-lap the bike park, shoot a little here and there, hit the hotel, grab the hardtail and session the airdome till dinner… pretty much awesome.  Riding with all the other athletes was unreal.  Vanderham has the park lines dialed, so if you get a chance to spin a few laps with him, you’ll be looking at the trail in a new light by the bottom.  On one of our only dry days we met up with an entourage of buddies flying the SRAM colours and threw together a swagger train like Whistler has never seen.  It was insane watching everyone’s different styles and lines.  I followed Mason Mashon down A-Line and the guys is an absolute trail Ninja. We finished off the day with quality session on the newly revamped and extended Crabapple booters, and no joke, they made these things LARGE.  We couldn’t believe that Whistler had built something of this size that is actually chairlift accessible.  I think the last hit stands at 50 feet, but the boys on Whistler’s trail crew should be awarded a golden spade because after the first two hits you drop the brakes, grab nothing but bar, and send it. Wicked FUN!  Such a killer week, and I don’t think I will be waiting so long for the next visit.  Time to head home. Thanks Shimano!


Gravity Shoot

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So apparently it’s been a week since I last touch base with this blog… not good.  If it makes any difference it’s been a busy week. Things started with a gumboot clad surgeon fitting my girlfriend’s knee with a new ACL, so I spent a few days at home making sure she was comfortable before gearing up for a shoot I put together for Gravity.

At the beginning of the season while the snow lingered I spent a bit of time building a few features alongside the Columbia River.  Usually this zone is a glorified sandbox, but considering we haven’t seen the sun for 2 weeks the dirt was mint.  My buddy Dave Peacock came to town towing heaps of camera gear and we went to work.  To say the weather was not working in our favor is a massive understatement.  You might say things were wet, actually not just wet, soaked, saturated, drenched, hell we went toe to toe with monsoon season.  Either way we became pretty well acquainted with our soggy compadres from the sky and began to enjoy ourselves.  It actually rained so much that some of the bigger lines that we had planned to shoot, looked on the verge of calving. So using our often elusive better judgement we decided it best to steer clear.  On the upside, those lines aren’t going anywhere and it will leave the window open for another shoot.  On a whole the week was awesome.  I mean we spent the majority of it pruning in our gear but it made for good shooting so no complaints.  Booters, Berms, and some mighty fine ditch work put mass amounts of entertainment into a few rainy days. Dave, played the one man media card and flopped between photog and filmer.  For a two man team I think we killed it, and I pumped to see it come together.



Right now though it’s 6PM, I just finished packing my gear after shooting all day and I now have the luxury of a 9 hour drive to Whistler infront of me, so it’s time to make some moves.  What am I going for?  Well Shimano is launching their new SAINT product (which is SICK!) and I making the trek to go shred hot laps in the bike park with journalists…work is tough sometimes ha. So pumped!  Raodtrip on, and I’m out.

Scope, Cut, Dig, Pack…

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Alright I just rolled in from a massive day, so I am going to plug-in a few pics and let them do the talking for me.  Super long day building and I am way too beat to put down anything worth reading.  On a side note I am super pumped with how things are coming together… more on the trail later, right now it’s time for dinner and a bed.