Rain and Shine Milford Sound

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New Zealand is a pretty wild place.  I have spent the past 3 winters there, bouncing around islands with my girlfriend.  Riding, running, climbing through canyons, saying “hell yeah” to everything that came our way.  After a collective nine months in the country we covered our fair share of ground but we still hadn’t made it to the infamous Milford Sound.  The Fijordland tourist trap.  Normally you’d try to avoid these places at all costs but Milford is not easily over looked.  It’s too damn Amazing.


We had 4 days.  Flights home were set, our trip was coming to a close.  But there sat our bucket list starring at us with the satisfaction of incomplete.   One last location.  4 Days.   Typically this would be a no-brainer but after traveling for 3 months, I gotta say we were beat.  Yeah, that sounds a bit ridiculous but when you spend that much time hopping from project to project it wears you down.  Even makes one entertain thoughts of kicking the shoes and flopping on a couch.  But decisions had to be made… Two options, take a couple chill days, put the feet up and hangout in Queenstown,  or… pull our heads out of our asses and go see one of the countries craziest landscapes.  Naturally, not wanting to be rude we hit the road.



Most of the time you’d say rain or shine, but we took the Rain and Shine approach.  Day 1 was blue bird, and we spent it scrambling up ridges, hiking through forests that shouted green, and kayaking under waterfalls as we covered the 18km from the Tasman Sea to the head of the fjord.  Needless to say it was a killer day.

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The plan was to stay the night in Te Anau and head back to Queenstown in the morning.  But plans are mere guidelines.  They are there to be changed.  Over dinner, we talked about the two faces of the Fjordlands… blue and beautiful, and the mystic world of mood where waterfalls leak from the clouds.  One location, two very different experiences.  Waking up to clouded skies and heavy rain, we jumped in the car and headed straight back into the park.  It was hard to believe that we had been in the same place the day before.  It was incredible.  Waterfalls actually looked like they where falling from the sky, mysterious peaks made brief but commanding appearances, the places just dripped saturation of a world before our time.  Basically it was Awesome!


Trade the couch for an experience and if you get a chance make it Rain and Shine, rather than a Rain or Shine.






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Yesterday I flew in from the UK and was jones’n to get back to Rossland so I can kick off my ski season, but got a last minute call and had to head to Seattle for a couple days.  According to my brother it’s “snowing like gangbusters” at Red Resort right now, and this guy below isn’t helping the situation.  FOMO’s approaching a critical level.  I just gotta keep it together till Sunday.

Sean Pettit doing what he does… having a time and making skiing look all sorts of awesome.

SEAN PETTIT | Full Part 2015 from SUPER PROOF on Vimeo.

Happy New Year!

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Well 2015 is slated, in the books, and what a year it was.  The past 365 days easily made for the busiest season I have ever had.  I sat down the other day and calculated the number of days I was on the road and it fell just shy of 300.  Pretty damn mental when you actually think about it, but looking back at the amount of ground I managed to cover and the experiences I had along the way it makes all sorts of sense.  My plan was to do a photo heavy post to give you guys a little slice of what the year entailed but as I scrambled through a pre-christmas pack job I forgot two of my hard-drives.  So it’ll have to wait till the 14th when I get back from Christmas with my girlfriend in the UK.  In the mean time let’s Roll into 2016 with a little style.  Above is one of my favourite images from the year.  Last March Traharn and I had two days between trips in New Zealand, so we snagged a car, ditched the bikes in Rotorua, and made our way to the Bay Of  Islands for a 48hour escape.  A coastline of white-sand beaches, twisted trees, and not a soul in sight… pretty close to perfection.  Here’s to 2016 and the adventures that lay ahead! Happy New Year!








Moments: The Joy Is In the Journey

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Sometimes you just gotta go. Ride, hike, day, night, trail or not, sometimes it’s just about that pursuit of ‘different.’ A chance to explore the alien. Walk into the unknown, apply a handful of physical and/or emotional investment and make yourself a memory. For some, the unknown of hitting a beach for a week of mojito’s is worth its weight in gold. But for others, it’s about the beat of a different drum. A drum that grows louder in unforgiving environments, one where the experience balances on exhausted excitement. Like someone once said ”Challenges are what make life interesting. Overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.” Weave this foundation with natural beauty, fresh social situations, and have yourself the backbone of a trip worth traveling. After all, the joy is in the journey.



These old growth relics of the Duncan Valley were cut in the 1960’s before the area was flooded upon completion of the Duncan Dam. Each spring, the dam fills with the collective meltwaters of the Selkirk and Purcell mountains, submerging the remnants of this once great forest. As the landscape sheds its winter coat there is a small window where one is given access to the alien. Empty, the lake lies cracked and sun scorched. A post apocalyptic valley flanked by forests. A landscape of contrasting environments like no other. We spent two days riding a portion of the valley’s 45km length. No trails, just an experience in the middle of nowhere. Camping beneath the stars, in the company of fallen giants and white peaks.

150606_MJH_DuncanLake_0038 150607_MJH_DuncanLake_0076



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Concept, execution, design, lighting, cinematography, and athletic performance… the ingenious project, Kaleidoscope.

Hat’s off to Kriss Kyle and his team.