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Alright so I have been meaning to jump all over this blog thing, but the honest truth is that I have been on the move since arriving home from Europe.  Oh right Europe … So instead boarding the rehab train on this side of the Atlantic, I decided to jump the pond and corral this wandering appendage of mine in the UK… I just had a quick scan of that last sentence and thought I would give that explanation another go, this time in plain english, rather than the tongue chewing banter I delivered.  Round 2… I dislocated my shoulder about a month ago, and decided to work through my physio in England.  There we go a little more to the point.  Although you might be asking yourself “Why England?”, and all I can say is when the you hit a bump in the road… you fly over the Atlantic with your girlfriend and make the best of a bad situation.  Or I could say that the flights where super cheap, we had never been, and I really felt it would help expand my vocabulary which would in-turn make me sound exponentially more intelligent on this here blog. Either way it was a good call.



In a nutshell … We slept on a boat in Amsterdam, unknowingly drank 16 Euro coffees (ouch!), hired cruisers and mingled with 2 wheeled rush hour traffic (everyone is on bikes there, ridiculously cool), rallied our left handed rental car across the english countryside (only getting honked at once… chalk it up as a “win”), saw Stone Hedge, stayed on sheep farm, ate a proper Roast dinner in a legitimate english pub (awesome!), hung with Big Ben, had a look through London’s eye, kicked it with the queen/stood outside her house, walked, saw “Les Miserables” (actually pretty cool), rode trains, grabbed multiple lunches at one of Gordon Ramsey’s prospects, expanded my vocabulary ten fold, saw very few sets of bad teeth(stereotypes not living up), hopped a double-decker bus for two hours at midnight (best $2.30 we’ve ever spent), went over Abbey Road, stood on a castle, and took way too many pictures.  Pretty unreal way to relocate a wing, and now it’s back on to business as usual.


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Alright well this is one of those situations where I’ll let the images do the talking.  Here’s a look at my new custom Norco Aurum, kitted with next years Saint, Gravity Components, Marzocchi Suspension (this years product feels ridiculous!), Kenda tires and one damn fine Paint Job!  Thanks to the fellas at Fresh Air Experience ( for helping me  get this new rig on the trails.

Just a little stoked ha !


The North Face “Send It to Win It” Contest

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The North Face has teamed up with Bike Magazine for a contest of epic proportions.  Want to win yourself an all expenses paid trip to Whistler, a handful of North Face Shwag, and your fresh looking face gracing the glossy pages of Bike… than send us a video of you throwing it down.  Check the link…

Bolivia Photo Set

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Nic Teichrob recently posted an unreal set of images from our trip to Bolivia last year on Bike Magazines website.  A ridiculous experience and the photos are tip of the sword.  Hit the link and have a gander.

Cover Boy!

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This month’s Dirt Magazine Cover features the man of contagious laughter… Kyle Norbraten.  Nic Teichrob captured this image in Fernie last year while Kyle and I were shooting for The Coastal Crews film “From the Inside Out”.  The shot is unreal, but the one thing it doesn’t show is the surrly swagger of a jump that  had the appeal of a slaty pirate glued to a rum bottle.  Originally this lofty monster was supposed to be a hip but after jumping hurdles of bedrock we ended up with something that resembled a glorified quarter-pipe.  Other than a second hit that nearly sent me for a meet and greet with Davey Jones himself, it was a nothing but good times on the mountain top.  You might say, we put this jumps sails to the wind and cruised through the sea of shutters… or not.  Anyway banter aside, Fernie was beauty and DIRT put together a killer article based around the boys movie, so I would chalk it up as a win on all levels.  I managed to snag a few images (Stoked!)  but nothing can touch Norb’s reaction…


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