Inside Out Section

Published on April 29, 2012, by in News.

I found this posted on my Facebook wall so I thought I might aswell share it with you guys.  This is my section from 2ND Base Productions, “From the Inside Out”.  This project was nothing but entertainment.  I am not saying it was all smooth sailing because “Oh Buddy” we had more than a few obstacles to overcome to pull this thing together.  Curious?  Ok well here’s a condensed footnote version of events around this shoot…  I spent the majority of my spring building for this project, set a date with the boys pull the trigger, separated my shoulder, pushed shoot date back, shoulder rehab took longer than expected, the crew showed up the same day I was given the physio green light, had to pull the plug on original build due to weather/light, made an emergency call to my buddies Paddy and Mark at Joyride (same guys that built Rampage and Crankworks), borrowed their mini excavator, got the thumbs up from Red Mountain Resort to move some dirt at the ski hill (Thanks again!), worked with the Coastal Crew (hardest working fellas this side of Mars!) to map and build a line, and then spent a few days filming this.  Definitely one way to ease your way back onto the bike after injury ha.  This entire thing was built, shot, and wrapped in 5 days.  I owe a ridiculous props to the Coastal Crew, Nic Teichrob, Mark and Paddy at Joyride, Mika and Erik at Red Resort, Dave Peacock, Andre Nutini, and my girlfriend Jody.  “From the Inside Out” pick it up on iTunes.