R&D in Oakland

Published on May 28, 2012,

Once again, slacking a bit on the website front.  Been busy building and testing a few new lines I put together for a couple days of filming I have coming up.  On a side note, building on your own takes a ridiculous amount of time to make any progress.  One way to avoid added time behind the shovel is to work with the natural terrain, so that’s pretty much the basis of shooting for next few days.  Two days of building, Two days filming, and boom!  If I can keep it on two wheels it’s going to be sick! Ok now with an update from last weeks R&D trip  to California.

Last week I flew down to The North Face offices in Oakland along with the majority of the Action Sports athletes to give our input on the 2013 gear.  First up, next years gear is looking rad.  The product team is ridiculously talented when it comes to designing clothing that works for us as athletes.  One of the coolest things this weekend was listening to the product team and athletes talk through little functional glitches and personal preferences, to see whether those had a home in production … it was product open mic.  Horrible analogy but you drift my catch.  We also had a chance to sit down with the designers and put together a few custom digs that might actually make the cut… Pretty Sick!  Everyone from the team managers to the designers are so on point, and I’m not just saying that because I might get my own custom jersey, or because they opened the doors to the warehouse (so sweet),  it’s the truth.  The North Face just knows how to do it! On-top of tweaking the gear it was sweet just to be hanging with the team again.  I had a chance to meet pretty much everyone in Whistler, and when we hit Oakland the antics carried over.  We even found a bar that was home to a couple of indoor bocce courts… clutch.  All in all the trip was awesome. Sorry about the images, I only had my iPhone so this life through the eye of a mobile handset.