Road Trippin Volume 2

Published on March 30, 2013,

Photo Adventure number two bru.  Waking up on the beaches of Kaikora was undoubtedly the one of the coolest mornings.  This first photo was the teams alarm clock… not bad especially when complimented by a cup of far from the finest classicly gritty cowboy coffee in hand, oh and what would a sunrise in Never Never Land be without dolphins out for a their morning surf.  Pretty Standard ha, Awesome!  I was going to write a proper blog post but I singed on to write the editorial story so rather than put you guys through literary torture twice, I figured I would skip the lengthy blunder that is sure to ensue, and let the photo’s do their job.  Stage two of this excursion saw us set off from Kaikora,  dabble with DH tracks slowly loosing the battle to the crawling jungle, dodging sketchy characters over fish and chips, and meandering straight into the onslaught on one manically moody campsite manager, before setting off on the Nydia Bay Track which included a much needed night amidst the friendly characters of the Nydia Lodge (  perched mid-track.  Actually it was my birthday the night we stayed at the lodge, cold beers, great food,  and a piece of carrot cake the size of a small house awaited us on arrival, not too shabby.  Bikes, friends, and  insane locations made for a pretty killer day.  Three Days on the track and shuttling dusty backroads before we made way of Kelly’s ol’homestead, Nelson.  The Sunset and Thai food that greeted us was top shelf.  Alright enough ranting, pictures do your job.  Plus  I have some work to polish.  This feature article has to be delivered by tomorrow, and I need to put another thousand words to the page.  Time to make this happen…

Have a look at sites of the trips fellow Vanagoners: