Shoulder Season Survival

Published on November 4, 2014,



Surviving the sleeting clouds of November can be a serious pain in the ass at times.  But hey, with a little shift in Perspective the fog looks a little brighter.  I am sitting here fresh off wrapping up and outlandish personal project that has left me scratching my head for the past year and half.  But alas, it’s done and dusted.  Filmed, captured, documented, shot, call it what you want… Stoked!  It’ll be a Spring release so there’s no point in getting into it, but I dropped a few of those monkey’s off the o’l back, so life’s feeling pretty good.

fb12fb16fb17fb14fb13Surviving the Project was one thing but sitting there waiting to congratulate me at the finish line is this wonderfully gorgeous shit weather.  Off the bike and straight into shoulder season… bogus.  But I figured instead of sitting on my arse window shopping for better weather, I would shed the house and get my beak wet.  Alright so some of these pictures make it look like another lovely fall day, but all were captured between the turbulence.  Either way layer up and get after it.