Published on May 20, 2012,


Alright I won’t lie I have been avoiding the blog the last few days, as I needed a day or two of quality bike time.  With a few rides in the bag I am feeling like an normal human again.  So let’s get you guys up to speed… Last week right after wrapping things up in Whistler, I flew down to Squaw Valley to do presentation for The North Face’s international distributors.  No big deal, right?  Well what I thought was going to be a laid back presentation turned out to be a little more than I had anticipated.  My team manager explained it to me like this … “Everyone will be hiking to a tent we have set up, and once they get there, we’ll sit down, have dinner, and you along with a couple others give your speeches.  It will be fun.”  Sounded easy enough, until I realized my opinion of “tent” was just a little different what they had waiting for us.  This thing was a backcountry big top.  Enough room for 400 people, full-on interactive stage with it’s own crew, crazy lighting set-ups… making for one nervous mountain biker.  Luckily my job was pretty straight forward.  Introduce myself,  give everyone a brief explanation of my focuses in mountain bike, touched on my “expedition” to Bralorne this summer, and tie that back the brand… more or less introduced mountain biking to the global North Face team, and get them stoked.  I’m not going to lie, I was freaking out bit before I went on, but I managed to reel it in and it all went really well.  In the end it was a super fun experience, and I think the people that “Never Stop Exploring” are pretty fired up on MTB.  After a weekend of hanging with my girlfriend and roosting berms, I hitting the road again.  Tomorrow I’m headed back to Cali for an R&D meeting in Oakland/San Fran, then its back to B.C. on Wednesday to film.  Expect more bike pics soon.