Sunshine Coastin With Norco and The Crew

Published on May 29, 2013,


Norco has been looking to put together a team trip for the past couple years and this spring they made it happen.  The “A” team was shipped sunnyside up and landed in Roberts Creek for a week of shooting, shredding, and all around good times.  We skirted between the big and little rigs, sampling singletrack in Seaschelt, and pioneered a few new lines on “Mach Chicken”.  Riding aside it was wicked just to hangout with the Team.  Just a bunch of beauties eh.

I decided to lingered on the Coast a few extra days to catch up with Curtis, Norbs, and Dylan.  They are fully swamped, filming for their next Movie, but we still managed to slip in a Darth Lap and Backyard session.  In true coast fashion, we tossed in a couple pier beers for good measure.  The new flick from “2ND Base Films” will be dropping at Crankworks, so be there!


As for now it’s Back to Rossland for a week of digging and then “hot-laps” at the new homestead in Whistler.