The Answer to Rain… The Road

Published on February 4, 2013,

Had my first rainy day in NZ.  So I nabbed me camera headed down the lake to the small shire of Glenorchy.  But before we go there, on friday I had a bunch of buddies take me for my premiere “Canyoning” experience.  The concept is simple enough… Suit Up! jump into a gauntlet of waterfalls, natural waterslides, rapid scrambling, tight shafts, and follow the water out.  But oh damn is it a level above F’in Fun.  We’re planning to do it again soon with a few cameras in tow.  So I won’t post too many spoilers.  I am beginning to believe that New Zealand bought “Never-Never land” off Peter Pan. Sunsets aren’t so bad either (Raw images on the last few… camera skills improving).