The Ropes

Published on July 26, 2015,



Throughout the year I have had the chance to spend some time behind the camera and test the waters of this photography game.  Let’s just say sometimes learning curves aren’t so steep.  After years of shooting sporadic blog content for my athlete site, I thought I should probably sit down and figure out what the hell I’m actually doing.  So I called in the reinforcements.  Lightroom Tutorials with Paris Gore, Photo trips with Frankowski, gadgets with Graeme Murray, business and the value of personal projects with Camilla Rutherford … the list is long and did fantastic job of clearly solidifying the fact that I know next to nothing about these murky waters.  But hey, you gotta be a rookie at some point.  The way I see it, if I can do my job as an athlete, while at the same time learn a new business then I’ll chalk it up as a “W”.   I have a boat load to learn, but this past year has presented more and more opportunities to work both sides of the camera.  Travel, sport, life in general, seems to have a creative motivation and camera attached to it.  In the process, I’ve been given the chance to capture some pretty amazing moments.  Moments that later caught the attention of a few magazines and companies.  Pretty cool, right?  A hobby that makes a little beer money… why the hell not.  Long and short, Crazy things can happen when you learn something new.  I’m pretty hooked on this whole photography thing, but for now it’s all about learning the ropes, and the ropes are long.