The Stagger Inn

Published on January 15, 2015,


Built in the 1930’s, The Stagger Inn was originally constructed  as a mid-mountain staging point for enthusiasts looking access the fresh snow in the Granite, Grey, and Old Glory Basins.  80 years ago the original lads toured from town, and more or less had the mountain to themselves.  Many a memory trapped in these walls.


The past week I have spent the nights sliding through the woods tracking down these characters.  Needless to say it’s been awesome, and cold, but more fun than frozen. On another note,  this whole night photography keeps things interesting.  Frozen fingers, cowboy’d filters from goggles, weird stalking sounds coming from the woods that could realistically only have been one thing… Veloci-Snow Raptor, naturally.  Tonight’s another headlamp lit excursion.