Tips For Unpredictable Adventure

Published on April 27, 2015,

I’ve learned a few things on this years trip to New Zealand.  I’ve found that most situations can go one of two ways.  You might call it a fork.  A mental “T” junction where you can go “Right”, down the predictably comfortable path of the well traveled trail.  Or take a “Left” onto the road less traveled to new and unexpected experiences.

Traveling is the pursuit for something different.  No matter how you slice it.  The underlying motivation to jump in a plane, train, or car is simply that lure of something new.  A drive to escape the predictably mundane. Take the unknown, apply physical and/or emotional investment and … Boom! You have yourself the makings of a memory.

…. Unpredictable Adventure.

Naturally I found myself taking more lefts than a NasCar driver,  as the goal of the trip was to peel back the layers and see the many sides of New Zealand’s personality. For the first time, I packed a small notebook, for no reason other than to throw the odd random brainwave on the page whenever it fit.  A sort of physical archive of the trip.  Nothing long or lengthy, usually just a few scribbled words.  It’s now been 3 months of scratching and with my flight back home on the doorstep I took a scan through it.  I quickly found myself reading my own wayward account of firsthand traveling “do and don’ts”, decision makers, a sort of guidebook to one hell of a Southern Hemisphere Adventure.  Granted everything is pretty general so I figured I would begin to roll them out on here under “Tips for Unpredictable Adventure”… Fantastic headline aside I hope you guys might find them useful.


Tip to Unpredictable Adventure #1: If you are looking to get lost, don’t stay in places you can be found.



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