Travels on the West Coast – Part 1

Published on August 30, 2013,

Last week I hit the road to escape the braking bumps of Whistler to dabble in the loamy turf that is the Sunshine Coast. A few days camping and riding with a contingent of Aussie counterparts in the soul shred capital of Canada,was much needed.  After chaos of  Crankworks I was ready for a some coast life livin.  It was awesome to break the camera back out aswell, I hadn’t pulled a shutter in a long time and forgot how much fun it is just to go out and snag a few frames.  I won’t lie I went a little ape sh#t and ended up taking way too many images so I had to break this post into two.  Have a gander at what it’s like road trippin on Canada’s coast with the most… let’s just pretend I didn’t throw that last line in there, and get on with it.  Bikes, Bro’s, a Babe, BBQ’s, Sleeping on the Beach, Sick Trip.