Whistler with The North Face

Published on May 16, 2012,

This past week has been nothing short of hectick! A good hectick but crazy.  It started when we landed late in Calgary after jetting over the Atlantic, slept the night, jumped in the Car drove 7 hours back to Rossland, did laundry, loaded my bikes in my truck, fixed myself a coffee and began my 9 hour venture to Whistler.  The two day travel tally looked a little something like this… 9 hours in a plane, a few hours of sleep, followed by a hazy 16 hour day behind the wheel.  Epic indeed.

The North Face and Sherpas Cinema had teamed up to for a week of shooting a handful of different media projects all over Whistler.  Needless to say when you get this many characters together it’s nothing but a good time.  Ski, Snowboard, and Bike projects were all on the docket but the Sherpas alongside Haley Caruso (our team manager) made this multi-sport mixtape work like “peas and carrots”.  I had a great week, although it was a little odd to come right off an injury and dive straight into filming, but it worked out pretty well. Edit should be dropping soon.  Big Thanks to the “William Wallace” of skiing Ian McIntosh, who was constantly on hand to point us in the proper dirt disturbing direction.  On side note  I have to say working with the Sherpas was unreal.    We have a big project in Bralorne coming up and this little shoot has me even more stoked to be heading up there with these fellas.  Oh and Mad props to Tom Wallisch and Benji Farrow who were throwing down triples on Whistlers classic sunset booter… boys where crushing it!  Check the photos, you know just an average day at the office.  Killer week with the crew. I am off to Tahoe/Squaw Valley for another North Face gig.