Winter Wonderland

Published on January 29, 2016,

Skiing! It’s something I haven’t properly done in years.  Partially because the snows been bogus and partially because I’ve been trading ski tracks for bike treads in NZ.  2015 was a hectic travel year for me and instead of jumping on another plane I decided to stay home to take in the best snow year we’ve had in ages.  One of the greatest things about growing up in a small town is the relationships you’re able to build.  Insert Red Resort.  Whether it was ski racing in my younger years, or tossing myself off anything and everything on route to becoming a big mountain skier, the mountain has served as a babysitter, playground, and training centre. Since arriving home from Christmas in the UK, I have skied everyday, and it’s been Awesome!  Everybody needs that thing that takes your mind off life, and for me skiing is it.  You might say I have once again caught the bug.  I love this skiing stuff and being able to do it in my hometown makes it all the better.  So as I gear up for another day on the mountain, here’s to getting stoked!  Candide Thovex has been a bit of a consistent in my winter eyes since I first saw his antics in the film “13”, and somethings never change.  His bio-pic “A Few Words” is sure to stoke the fire.  I know it’s working for me.  Definition of Style.